"Never waste a crisis" as my mentor said

"Never waste a crisis" as one of my mentors said

It certainly is quite a challenge for many therapists around the world. As a PT, teaching globally and working in clinical practice, I am without a job now : all the seminars I planned to teach are obviously cancelled for the time being and we closed the clinic as well to secure the safety of our patients…suddenly I seem to have a lot of time and and now work. Besides that there’s also the underlying fear to be part of the Corona-family….anyhow, many people are in an anxious situation now!

Indeed, “never waste a crisis”, so how can we turn this into a more positive experience ?

First of all we might have more quality time to spend with our family (and hopefully in the future we can enjoy a more optimal work-life balance) .

Besides that, I recently followed an interesting course given by colleague Mike Stewart and this particular situation gives me now an extra opportunity to go through my notes, to study what I have learned and to discover how I can implement this knowledge step by step. That reminds me I also want to look deeper into the work of colleague Jill Cook among others.

Corona actually forces me to reflect and to evaluate, in order to become a more inspired and a better performing therapist.

We may not stand still and therefore online learning might be a very efficient learning tool nowadays.

Are you that particular therapist who has interest in musculoskeletal medicine ? The different online study packages are even more within your reach now, because now we offer 3 months of unlimited access to the online Masterclass for just 99 euro, so that you can further empower your musculoskeletal skills.

  • No, it’s not about boring content containing a pile up of (semi)scientific information.
  • It’s all about useful, inspiring and practical information which you can implement in your daily practice, spread over about 70 films of 5’-35’ each, designed for optimal learning. Get inspired whenever and whereever you want.

I wish you all the best health and hope together with you this will behind us soon. And even more important, wherever the society needs us, health care professionals, we are ready to volunteer! Take good care of each other and please at all times respect the important preventive and safety measures!

Let’s go for OPTIMISM !

Steven De Coninck, chair ETGOM