All you need to know about the MasterMind private course

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Where does the Orthopaedic Medicine MasterMind training take place

Come to the ETGOM Training Centre in De Haan, Belgium, stay in an exquisite hotel and go for an exclusive learning experience! Without travel worries!

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When? The Orthopaedic Medicine MasterMind training in 2022

Come to the International ETGOM - GCI Training Centre from 7-13 september 2022. Save the date!

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The 7 days Orthopaedic Medicine MasterMind : what's on the program ?

Study what brings you immediate success and satisfaction in daily practice without losing time. All you need to know about history, inspection, functional examination, palpation, diagnosis and treatment strategy in musculoskeletal medicine.

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Price ? Your MasterMind investment

What is your investment for this unique and exclusive program ?

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9 reasons to join Orthopaedic Medicine MasterMind

More than 9 good reasons to join the Orthopaedic Medicine MasterMind week for health professionals, held at the International ETGOM Training Centre from 14-20 may 2022

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Pre-registration form for the MasterMind private training in orthopaedic medicine

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How to become an expert in orthopaedic medicine in 7 days

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