THE Online orthopaedic medicine solutions - my birthday gift

My birthday offer has a limited, postponing doesn't help you :)


  • You are an MD, PT, DO or DC?
  • Understanding and solving musculoskeletal problems is your thing?
  • You don't like to loose time?
  • You don't like to loose money?

24 october is the day...

Help I'm 57 years "old" ?!? The ideal time to reflect and to start new stories 

Perhaps it's not my best decision, but I am going to do a crazy thing.

I will "kill my golden chicken" and STOP the online MasterClasses as from 1 may 2023

€ 995-
€ 195,- I offer you easy access to the online Ultimate Toolbox in Orthopaedic Medicine

  • More than 40 hours of practical films on diagnosis, clinical reasoning and therapy,
  • including hand out downloads, 
  • updates and all webinar recordings
  • in a very practical App!

Many other therapists already joined!

"I have been a Physiotherapist since 1998 and I practice private clinical practice . I am a teacher too. [...] Since the method accompanies my practice, and in fact, is an added value for clients. As I tell my students, the method allows us to elaborate an easy and logical reasoning that leads us to a more effective treatment. However, I have to thank you, as I have learned a lot from you: THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Carlos T.

"I am very satisfied with everything you have given me, I am glad that I chose Cyriax from all methods, which is all clear, accurate, precise. I have nothing to add and improve, everything is at the best level."

Aleksandar N.

"The MasterClass meets my every need to improving my clinical skills in orthopaedics. I am enjoying the course and I just have finished module 2. Looking forward to future modules. Working through in my own time is a great help. I recommend it to my colleagues."

Edward H.

Get FULL access now to all the tools which bring you more success.  This is your last chance before we go off line next year

Your advantages...

  • A complete, practical no-nonsense course in orthopaedic medicine
  • Whenever, wherever you want it
  • Faster and better results in clinical practice
By the way...
  • MasterMind private training participants receive a 100% refund of their online MasterClass registration fee!


> 500 pages of downloadable hand outs

Complete hand outs on the extremities and the spine, including assessment forms

Regular "Inspirational" film updates

The most recent views on tendinopathy, understanding and dealing with chronic pain, impingement tests...

All webinar recordings included

In the meantime the complete recording of 13 webinars is available

"I finished Cyriax course here in Slovenia few years ago, and I really needed some refreshment of knowledge. I recommend the MasterClass to all my team here in the the health centre. And we are all thrilled. Really thank you!"

Panic S.

"Love the new platform, definitely much better than the old one! My passion for this course is reignited, also like the social aspect that you added. Haven't tried the app, because I wach the clips on my laptop, also the new forms are very handy [...] I will definetly recommend the platform, also I like that videos dont lag anymore! Keep up the important work!"

Christoforos T.

"Good experience. Fullfilling, clinical reasoning
makes sense.!!!"


How to activate your "BD57" birthday discount code

What may you expect from the online MasterClass in orthopaedic medicine?

No boring piling up of scientific info and statistics, but only practical clinical knowledge which you need in your daily clinical practice.

About > 40 hours of practical film instruction (most films takes about 5'-35', designed for efficient learning), covering:

  • Specific history of the patient
  • Inspection
  • Functional examination
  • Palpation
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Treatment strategy
  • Analysis assesment form
  • + regular updates and all webinar recordings

Following treatment techiques are extensively described

  • Peripheral and spinal manipulation
  • Palpation / Deep transverse friction massage techniques
  • Injection and infiltration techniques