Online MasterClass in orthopaedic medicine

I celebrate my 58th birthday today and        34 years as a physio

I offer 2 presents 🎁  for the musculoskeletal therapist 

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  • Implement all you need to know about clinical reasoning, diagnosis and therapy strategies
  • No scientific "artficial hypercomplication"
  • The content of 10 live course days in one easy App
  • Easy access 24/7 on each device
  • Standardized assessment forms + clinical reasoning exercises
  • Certification after completing the online test

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I send you the Orthopaedic Medicine Goldbar for FREE

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  • Extra films on diagnosis and therapy strategy
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How does the online Masterclass look like...

What's on the Goldbar?

The Masterclass also covers new and exclusive films (only on this platform!) 

A valid diagnosis starts with a good functional examination!

All basic and accessory functional examination procedures of the shoulder, the elbow, the wrist, the hip, the knee, the foot, the SI-joint, th lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine are illustrated in very practical films

How to interpret the outcome of your functional examination and to translate science into clinical practice? 56 new films exclusively on this platform!

You now have a series of positive and negative tests.  The problem is, how to interpret this in a correct way and how to reach a relevant diagnosis?  How to translate science into clinical practice, how to interpret a number of scientific references...The specific processes to follow are illustrated in a completely NEW film series.

A quick guide towards quick diagnostic solutions...

In a series of short "to the point" films you will discover an answer to a series of frequent diagnostic challenges.

Make life easier and use a practical standardized protocol!

We provide for each area (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, foot, lumbar-cervical-thoracic spine, a ready and easy to use standardized functional assessment form.  Downloadable in pdf.

The ideal palpation guidelines... 

An efficient palpation technique is the stepstone to more efficient use of specific local treatment techniques such as deep transverse massage or needling techniques.  Thanks to those films, you won't miss any structure.

How to specify and to optimize injection techniques...

All need you need to know about the pre-injection palpation technique, which needle, syrynge to use, specific indication and practical procedure of a series of injection and infiltration techniques in the upper and the lower extremity and the spine.

Repetition is the key of efficient learning!

Our practical webinars give the symbolic kick under the buttock to keep on inplementing valueble tips & tricks, reaching more satisfaction and success in musculoskeletal practice.

Challenge yourself!

Together we are going to solve a series of multi level MCQ's.  There's also a series of true-false questions which will challenge your clinical reasoning skills.  You feel confident enough? Ready to take the online orthopaedic medicine certification test?

Let's not forget another important practical part...

All practical details on how to perform manipulation techniques in the extremities and the spine. 

What's in it for you?

No boring piling up of scientific info and statistics, but only practical clinical knowledge which you need in your daily clinical practice.

About > 35 hours of practical film instruction (most films takes about 5'-35', designed for efficient learning), covering:

  • Specific history of the patient
  • Inspection
  • Functional examination
  • Palpation
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Treatment strategy
  • Analysis assesment form
  • + regular updates and all webinar recordings

Following treatment techiques are extensively described

  • Peripheral and spinal manipulation
  • Palpation / Deep transverse friction massage techniques
  • Injection and infiltration techniques
  • Implement all you need to know about clinical reasoning, diagnosis and therapy strategies

It's not about just learning some techniques!  It's all about implementing a diagnostic and therapy strategy which will have a life time long significant positive effect on your skills and success as a therapist working in the field of musculuskeletal medicine.  Besides that, your patient satisfaction will also increase accordingly. 

  • No scientific "artficial hypercomplication"

Are you interested in a list of 250 references full of theoretical considerations with a lot of "if's", "perhaps", "might", "inconclusive", "further research is indicated",...?  Probably you are not.  Let's make a scientific overview that really helps you to understand and to put things into perspective in daily practice. 

  • The content of 10 live course days in one easy App

Indeed, ALL content available in just one practical App, easy to use.

  • Easy access 24/7 on each device

Discover, study and implement at your own rhythm, whenever it suits you the best.

  • Standardized assessment forms + clinical reasoning exercises

Why should you loose time with an overcomsumption of endless theories...focus on the things that really matter.  Those tools we offer you in the online Masterclass.

  • Certification after completing the online test