Cyriax courses in Argentina

Cyriax courses in Argentina

Module I: Introduction - Low extremities basic (May 18-19 2020)
Module II: Low extremities advanced (June 06-07 2020)
Module III: Lumbar Column I (August 01-02 2020)
Module IV: Lumbar Column II - Cervical Column (October 03-04 2020)
Module V: Dorsal Columna - Superior Extremities basic (December 12-13 2020)
Module VI: Superior Extremities advanced (March 27-28 2021)
Module VII: IASTM and Dry Needling in OMC - Final Exam review (May 08-092021)

For all requests regarding Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax courses in Latin America, please contact our local teacher Mr. Pablo Romero

Cyriax Latinoamerica

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