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As from 2020 we offer a new orthopaedic medicine course structure in Taiwan and China specifically for MD's and PT's who want to focus on diagnosis and manipulation techniques.

Cyriax orthopaedic medicine courses in Taiwan ; NEW course modules as from 2020

We offer new designed courses in orthopaedic medicine, especially for MD’s who don’t have time and who are looking for more diagnostic accuracy in combination with therapeutic efficiency. Learn in 4 days how to reach a valid diagnosis in a fast way and how to optimize your manipulation techniques or palpation techniques so that your shockwave or injection application becomes much more effective!

Can you learn orthopaedic medicine clinical reasoning online ? Yes…partly

Can you become a specialist therapist just by watching films online ? No,…of course a thorough practical training of examination procedures, palpation and manipulation techniques is imperative to become more successful

Therefore we designed two new unique programs which really bring you to higher level :

Orthopaedic Medicine Spine Clinical Reasoning and Manipulation course

During this course the MD will receive the necessary tools to reach a valid diagnosis in an efficient and fast way. Based on this diagnosis he/she will also learn a structured treatment and manipulation strategy. The focus of this 4 days course lies on objective functional examination, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and efficient manipulation techniques. All examination and treatment procedures are exercised on eachother. You will receive standardized examination protocols for the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

When : 6-9 march 2021
Where : Taipei, Taiwan

Orthopaedic Medicine Extremities Clinical Reasoning and Palpation course

During this 4 days course the MD will learn all functional examination procedures of the upper and the lower extremity, allowig to reach an objective and valid diagnosis of soft tissue lesions. Besides the clinical reasoning part, you will also receive an in-depth practical palpation training in order to optimize the therapeutic efficiency of certain treatment modalities such as injection or shockwave application. All examination and palpation procedures are exercised on eachother. You will receive standardized examination protocols for the shoulder, the elbow, the hand, the hip, the knee and the foot.

When : 26-29 november 2020
Where : Taipei, Taiwan

Note : both courses are separately bookable depending on your preferences and needs.

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