Cyriax modern orthopaedic medicine courses in Cyprus |

Cyriax modern orthopaedic medicine courses in Cyprus

The first Re-Boost course in modern orthopaedic medicine Cyriax will take place in Cyprus from 1-4 march 2019

  • This is a 4 day 100% hands on course in which you learn 97 procedures, functional examination and treatment techniques of the extremities and the spine, frequently used in musculoskeletal medicine.
  • You will also learn the indication for each procedure and receive a summarized overview of some clinical images
  • Regarding the clinical reasoning aspect participants will receive the opportunity to sign in for an extensive online distance learning course.
So, you learn what you really need, in the most efficient, compact and cost-saving way !
For more information and registration please contact our local organisation partner :
Michail Zounis

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