Cyriax orthopaedic medicine courses, why ? |

Cyriax orthopaedic medicine courses, why ?

Orthopaedic medicine Cyriax courses, isn't that a bit "old fashioned" ? Ask yourself an honest question :

Many therapists around the world are familiar with some basic Cyriax concepts, but when it comes to really managing the diagnostic and clinical skills which are needed to reach a valid diagnosis in orthopaedic medicine, then we notice that many people don't seem to know what Cyriax is really about...

Do you know the clinical difference between :

  • chronic subdeltoid bursitis and a shouder stage III arthritis ?
  • an acute bursitis versus a tendinosis ?
  • ligamentous sprain versus an arthritis ?
  • symptomatic lumbar disc protrusion versus a symptomatic spinal stenosis ?

Can you reach those conclusions without medical imaging ?  

Triggered ?  Test your actual knowledge...


Cyriax orthopaedic medicine


Dr J.H. Cyriax, the "Einstein of orthopaedic medicine" created the stepstones towards a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic system, but a system which is also subject to quite some evolution.

  • Some hypotheses have been refuted, others have been confirmed by qualitative research and others need more investigation. 
  • Several treatment techniques have been abandoned, others have been optimized significantly
  • Modern Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Medicine is a very strong diagnostic and therapeutic concept, which is not a "stand alone" nor a “guru” concept. 
  • It is an open vision system compatible with some other views and approaches in the field of musculoskeletal medicine (e.g. McKenzie, Maitland, Mulligan,...), but the concept of modern Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Medicine provides an absolute stepstone for all therapists who are involved in diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions.



We avoid "artificial hypercomplication" and "wishful thinking" procedures, perhaps too frequently seen in our profession, instead we prefer to focus on relevant and reliable clinical reasoning procedures and qualitative research.


cyriax orthopaedic medicine courses

Discover the Cyriax orthopaedic medicine practical strategy 

During our course modules we focus on following aspects :

  • where necessary, there is a specific, practical, anatomical recapitulation
  • features of the specific and general history
  • inspection, functional examination, palpation and accessory examination
  • how to interprete all test movements
  • how to reach a diagnosis / differential diagnosis
  • how to work with the standardized Cyriax Orthopaedic Assessment Form
  • how to determine a treatment strategy - clinical reasoning procedures
  • orthopaedic manual therapy (Cyriax) treatment techniques : transverse friction massage, manipulation, traction, mobilization, injection, infiltration
  • recapitulation sessions by using moc clinics, clinical recapitulation schemes, multiple choice questions, true-false questions and practical recapitulation of examination and treatment procedures

Invest in efficient knowledge and enhance your diagnostic and therapeutic skills 

Meet our international teaching team 

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