Modular courses in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax |

Modular courses in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax

Why are we still teaching "Cyriax" courses ?  Isn't that "outdated" ?  Manage your basics in musculoskeletal medicine thanks to this classical high level training !


Which practical strategy do we use in specific Orthopaedic Medicine (Cyriax) course modules ?

We avoid "artificial hypercomplication" in theoretical or practical procedures and therefore we try to focus on relevant and practical details that really matter and that have an influence on our diagnostic and treatment procedure ; the study of each joint is composed of the following elements : 

  • where necessary, there is a specific, practical, anatomical recapitulation
  • features of the specific and general history
  • inspection, functional examination, palpation and accessory examination
  • how to interprete all test movements
  • how to reach a diagnosis / differential diagnosis
  • how to work with the standardized Cyriax Orthopaedic Assessment Form
  • how to determine a treatment strategy - clinical reasoning procedures
  • orthopaedic manual therapy (Cyriax) treatment techniques : transverse friction massage, manipulation, traction, mobilization, injection, infiltration
  • recapitulation sessions by using moc clinics, clinical recapitulation schemes, multiple choice questions, true-false questions and practical recapitulation of examination and treatment procedures


Where can you attend a modular course ?

The ETGOM Cyriax modular courses in modern orthopaedic medicine, for PT's and MD's, are offered world wide.  Until now we had the pleasure to offer those courses in about 37 countries. Look here for the city / country of your choice.  Contact the local organisation partner for more information on registration.

What's the content of the Diploma course in modern orthopaedic medicine Cyriax ?

The modular courses are spread over different modules : A, B, C, D, E and the exam course F.  Depending on the country in which we teach, the specific structure of each module and/or sequence of course topics may vary.  The basic content will of course always be similar.

Meet our international Cyriax Teaching Team

The ETGOM teaching team (MD's and PT's) is an international group of therapists who share the same passion.  The core of the International Teaching Team in Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax consists of 11 teachers, MD's and PT's, from various countries (Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Poland), under the guidance of Steven De Coninck.  

Free webinars ?

As an accessory value, on a regular basis we offer free webinars on different topics.  Consult our homepage for the next webinar.

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Follow what we are up to on our scientific facebook page.

Meet our diplomees...

In numerous countries colleagues successfully completed the theoretical and practical exams in modern orthopaedic medicine Cyriax and received the Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine.  It was an intensive experience for all of them, but this resulted in more success and satisfaction in their daily clinical practice. 





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