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Musculoskeletal medicine books, articles and films

We offer you some FREE articles, books and films on musculoskeletal medicine

Detailed study of musculoskeletal medicine is quite a challenge.  Besides the different continuing education options we offer, we also provide a very extensive package of course materials, some just for free...

  • Extensive hand outs (new 2018 editions) : about 497 pages
  • Summary of scientific reference slides etc.: about 698 powerpoint slides
  • Hard copy book “Clinical Reasoning in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine”: about 159 pages (available as a FREE ebook)
  • The online learning platform containg about 15 hours of films, spread over 69 lessons, covering all examination and treatment techniques (friction massage, infilration, injection & manipulation) as well as all you need to know about clinical reasoning in musculoskeletal medicine and treatment strategy
  • Exclusive Back Instruction Card for prevention purposes (available in English, Polish, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese language)

On top of that we provide for our Expert MasterMind week guests a number of pdf- files of other publications, from the private library of Steven, related to musculoskeletal medicine.


Clinical reasoning in musculoskeletal medicine ?

FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD :  “Clinical reasoning in modern orthopaedic medicine, a practical diagnostic guide by using a standardized assessment form”. 156 pages useful clinical information on orthopaedic medicine ! 

You will discover a standardized examination protocol for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, foot, lumbar spine, cervical and thoracic spine, in which important details regarding history, inspection and functional examination are explained in detail, as well as a case study for each joint.  A very useful tool for MD’s and PT’s who are involved in diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions of the locomotor system / musculoskeletal medicine.     

musculoskeletal medicine clinical reasoning

This e-book on clinical reasoning, in combination with the extensive films on diagnosis and differential diagnosis, which are on the online learning platform, offer a perfect basis for your self study plan.  You can already discover a lot of useful practical and clinical information which you can implement in your clinical practice.

Also enjoy some free webinars 


Clinical reasoning films

The infiltration and injection techniques which are on the ETGOM Youtube channel are demonstrated by Dr. Jan Claeys, MD, specialist in orthopaedic medicine, ETGOM teacher.


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