Musculoskeletal medicine course for MD |

Musculoskeletal medicine course for MD's

The 3 days musculoskeletal medicine highlights training for MD's only

During this 3 days training in musculoskeletal medicine we focus 2 days on compact clinical reasoning related to frequently seen lesions in the locomotor system of the extremities, followed by a 1 day training on specific injection and infiltration techniques, exclusively for MD’s

Reach a solid diagnosis in 10’ without medical imaging, set an efficient treatment plan and increase your efficieny by to the point injection techniques.

musculoskeletal medicine course



Of course, as an MD you are quite busy and perhaps you don’t have enough time to join the Expert MasterMind week or the regular modular course program ?

In that case the Musculoskeletal Medicine Highlights training is the perfect training for you !

As an MD you focus a lot on relevant diagnosis and treatment strategy and that’s exactly what you will learn during this 3 days Highlights


What's on the program of this unique musculoskeletal medicine highlights training ?

On day 1-2 we focus on to the point clinical reasoning processes of the most frequent lesions of the upper and the lower extremity

  • Shoulder : arthritis versus impingement
  • Elbow : arthritis, loose body, tennis- and golfer elbow
  • Knee : arthritis versus ligamentous and muscular lesions
  • Hip : arthritis versus bursitis
  • Foot : tendinous versus ligamentous lesions

You will learn how to diagnose different lesions and how to palpate different structures in an accurate way.

Day 3

Introduction to the pinciples of prolotherapy and efficient injection techniques (also by using echography).  Practical illustration of different palpation procedures and technical details of a selection of infiltration and injection techniques of the upper and the lower extremity

Who will be your guide ?

During the first 2 days Steven De Coninck, MScPT will be inspiring you.  Steven is the chair of the European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine and has over 27 years of teaching experience in about 37 countries.

musculoskeletal medicine infiltrations

Dr. Giuseppe Ridulfo, senior ETGOM teacher, has over 35 years of vaste experience in orthopaedic medicine and is also the author of the book “Infiltrazioni articolari ed extraarticolari techniche” (2018) (soon to be translated on other languages).  He will share with  you his expert tips and tricks when it comes to combining the perfect infiltration with the perfect diagnosis.

Where and when ?

The “Musculoskeletal medicine Highlights” training takes place in the ETGOM International Training Centre in De Haan, along the beautiful coast of Belgium.

Each day we start at 0900 and finish around 1700.

This year’s training takes place from 10-12 october 2019.

Keep in mind we only accept max. 5 guests for this unique training !  So, don’t postpone your registration.




Who can join ?

This training is exclusively for medical doctors who have interest in musculoskeletal medicine.

Exclusive : what is included in your participation fee ?

We accept only 5 participants for this exclusive program.  The all inclusive price is 3.600 Euro.

Including :

  • 3 days of private training in a group with maximum 5 participants 
  • 21% VAT tax
  • Airport-hotel-airport private limousine transfers
  • Transfers hotel-training centre
  • 4* hotel incl. breakfast and dinner, in the heart of the touristic "Belle Epoque" center of De Haan, 4 nights ; you will be staying in Grand Hotel Belle Vue
  • Lunches during the course, served in various restaurants
  • All course materials and course fees
  • Orthopaedic Highlights Certificate

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