Video courses orthopaedic medicine Cyriax, on USB card ! |

Video courses orthopaedic medicine Cyriax, on USB card !

The one and only video course on orthopaedic medicine, on USB card !


You would like to bring your musculoskeletal knowledge to a higher level ?


You already did a course in orthopaedic medicine ?

  • how much of the studied procedures do you still implement ?
  • which techniques you still use on a regular basis ?
  • Most likely you have forgotten about many important clinical details ?
Well, repetition is the key to success !  The online Masterclass course is the perfect extra learning tool for you !
You didn't attend a training program in orthopaedic medicine yet ?

  • how much money did you spend on continuing education last year ?
  • It's not just the course fee you pay
  • how much of your free time do you sacrifice
  • how much income do you lose by not seeing patients when you attend a seminar
  • how much precious family time do you lose ?
Well, the orthopaedic medicine Cyriax video course on USB card fascilitates your life, combine
  • efficient learning at your own rhythm
  • and enjoy more family time ! 
  • You will discover and really understand different clinical images
  • You will analyse different pathologies and the relation between different clusters of positive and negative tests
  • You will determine an efficient treatment plan

About 15 hours of practical film instruction (64 lessons) in which we only focus on what really is useful and practical for you and brings you immediate more success and satisfaction in your daily clinical practice :  you learn all you need to know about diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions of the upper, the lower extremity and the spine !

  • Specific history of the patient
  • Inspection
  • Functional examination
  • Palpation
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Treatment strategy

Following treatment techiques are extensively described

  • Peripheral and spinal manipulation
  • Deep transverse friction massage techniques
  • Injection and infiltration techniques



Production by Steven De Coninck

As president of the European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine (Cyriax) Steven has been teaching courses in modern orthopaedic medicine for health professionals in about 37 countries, since 1991.  He published several books and film production on orthopaedic medicine and also created the standardized Cyriax Assessment Forms.  Updating and fascilitating OM procedures and inspiring colleagues is his favourite mission.  After all, it’s all about YOUR success in orthopaedic medicine !

 The infiltration and injection techniques are demonstrated by Dr. Jan M. Claeys, M.D.



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