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The new online MasterClass in orthopaedic medicine

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"I finished Cyriax course here in Slovenia few years ago, and I really needed some refreshment of knowledge. I recommend the MasterClass to all my team here in the the health centre. And we are all thrilled. Really thank you!"

S. Panic

"The MasterClass meets my every need to improving my clinical skills in orthopaedics. I am enjoying the course and I just have finished module 2. Looking forward to future modules. Working through in my own time is a great help. I recommend it to my colleagues."

Edward H.

"dear sir, thanks very much for making things easier for me. I watched some videos and they were very helpful."

Ali Almula T.

"Love the new platform, definitely much better than the old one! My passion for this course is reignited, also like the social aspect that you added. Haven't tried the app, because I wach the clips on my laptop, also the new forms are very handy [...] I will definetly recommend the platform, also I like that videos dont lag anymore! Keep up the important work!"

Christoforos T.

Orthopaedic Medicine MasterClass program ?

No boring piling up of scientific info and statistics, but only practical clinical information which both of us need in our daily clinical practice.

About 18 hours of practical film instruction (>79 lessons, each lesson is a film of 5'-35')

  • Specific history of the patient
  • Inspection
  • Functional examination
  • Palpation
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Treatment strategy
  • analysis assesment form

Following treatment techiques are extensively described

  • Peripheral and spinal manipulation
  • Palpation Deep transverse friction massage techniques
  • Injection and infiltration techniques

Why couldn’t you become an expert in orthopaedic medicine too ?

It’s not just about a good course, it’s about much more than the learning experience. I want to guide towards your success in orthopaedic medicine

Advantages of the "Certification" level...

  • Regular film updates
  • Extra new hand outs in pdf
  • All new assessment forms in pdf
  • Injection and infiltration hand out in pdf
  • 1 Skype coaching call
  • ...

On top of that, official Global Cyriax Institute Certification is provided for the MasterClass "Certification" level subscribers!

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Production by Steven De Coninck

As president of the European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine (Cyriax) and the Global Cyriax Institute Steven has been teaching courses in modern orthopaedic medicine for health professionals in about 37 countries, since 1991. He published several books and film production on orthopaedic medicine and also created the standardized Cyriax Assessment Forms. Updating and fascilitating OM procedures and inspiring colleagues is his favourite mission. After all, it’s all about YOUR success in orthopaedic medicine !

The infiltration and injection techniques are demonstrated by Dr. Jan M. Claeys, M.D.

Online learning has never before been so easy and practical, as from 0,20 USD/day

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