Orthopaedic medicine courses, practical strategy

Overview of the orthopaedic medicine Cyriax diploma course. Practical strategies.

Cyriax orthopaedic medicine diploma course structure

  • Module A : Orthopaedic medicine highlights Extremities, 3 days
  • Module B-C : Orthopaedic medicine, lumbar-cervical and thoracic spine, 4 days
  • Module D-E : Orthopaedic medicine Extremities (upper and lower) advanced, 4 days
  • Module F : exam preparation course + theoretical and practical diploma exam, 2-3 days

Note : depending on the country, the sequence and structure of the different modules can vary, but the content will always be the same.

The orthopaedic medicine "3 step plan"

For what is concerned the execution of treatment and examination techniques we always follow the "3 step plan" :

  • first we explain the procedures through the powerpoint presentation
  • then a demonstration on film
  • followed by practical life demonstration on a colleague

Then sufficient time is provided for practical exercise. We promote regular exercise and partner change. Practice makes perfect !

Course days start at 09h00 and generally finish around 17h00 (modifications in schedule and timeset could slightly differ in relation to the size of the course groups or on specific demand)

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