Orthopaedic Medicine Diploma Course, module B+C

Orthopaedic Medicine course, Module B+C : lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine, 4 days, 0900-1700

Lumbar spine

  • Specific history taking
  • General history
  • Inspection : what is relevant ?
  • Basic functional examination : how to reach, in a valid and practical way, a diagnosis and differential diagnosis, respecting red flags
  • Accessory examination
  • (ir)relevance of palpation and other diagnostic procedures
  • Specific indications and contraindications of manipulative techniques ; techniques with and without traction component
  • Specific indications and contraindications of mechanical traction techniques
  • Specific indication and contraindications of self treatment exercises
  • Creating a treatment strategy with incorporation of prophylactic and self treatment Mechanisms of spontaneous cure procedures
  • Accessory SI pain provocation examination
  • Clinical reasoning by using a standardized examination protocol incorporating links to McKenzie and other manual therapy approaches : how to reach a diagnosis and differential diagnosis ; is there any compatibility between different methods ?
  • Non-mechanical disorders : discover the yellow and red flags
  • Differential diagnosis with SI-joint and hip problems
  • Indications for epidural local anaesthesia and nerve block
  • Detailed analysis assessment form
  • Lumbar : true false questions
  • Lumbar : Quizz
  • Lumbar : MCQ questions

Cervical spine

  • history, inspection, functional examination
  • pre-manipulative considerations
  • manipulation indications-contraindications / treatment techniques / therapeutic strategy
  • recapitulation functional examination + extra test for RA
  • differential diagnosis - scapular area
  • more differential diagnosis incl. facet joint - whiplash - adhesions
  • analysis assessment form

Thoracic spine

  • history
  • functional examination
  • manipulation techniques
  • muscular lesions

General recapitulation of treatment techniques

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