Re-boost course

Re-boost course

The orthopaedic medicine Re-Boost course offers the ideal combination of hands-on course and a self study program. During this 4 days course we focus 85% of the time on exercise of examination and techniques frequently used in orthopaedic medicine. 

You can combine this (optional) with a self study program through our online distance learning platform. Of course, during this Re-Boost course, you will also receive a summarized clinical overview of different clinical images, so that you can immediately implement this practical knowledge into daily practice.

Orthopaedic Medicine Re-Boost course, for those who have less time...

This is a very cost efficient program for therapists who don't have enough time to attend the full diploma program or for those who have less financial resources. Thanks to this Re-Boost course they also get the opportunity to study the best of orthopaedic medicine in a short time frame.

Study orthopaedic medicine in a most practical way

During those 4 days, we start with a short introduction on diagnosis strategy in orthopaedic medicine. You will learn the basics of how to interpret a functional examination (in the extremities).

About 85% of the time we will spend on practical exercise of deep transverse friction techniques, palpation and manipulations techniques of the upper and the lower extremity and the spine, as well as intensive practical exercise of all basic functional examination procedures used in orthopaedic medicine, applied to the extremities and the spine.

On top of that you will receive a summarized clinical overview of some important clinical images.

What about clinical reasoning and diagnosis ?

We offer an extensive self study package (optional, at an extra fee) on the ETGOM online distance learning platform : you have access to 69 lessons (films from 5'-35' each) explaining in detail the clinical interpretation of the functional examination procedures, so that you can reach a valid diagnosis and differential diagnosis, in order to set an efficient treatment plan.

Not only the complete clinical reasoning procedure in orthopaedic medicine is illustrated on film, but you will also get a practical illustration of all examination and treatment techniques.

On top of that, each chapter has it's own hand out in pdf. In total about 500 pages of hand out.

An important practical organisational note for therapists who attend this course :

  • as a participant you will pay your regular registration fee for the 4 days Re-Boost course
  • optional : you can also sign in for the online distance learning platform at an extra fee (special conditions apply for course participants). Of course this is highly recommended to do so.

What after the Re-Boost course ?

Once you got the taste of it and appreciate the practical and clinical value of the modern orthopaedic medicine Cyriax strategy, you can continue with a 4 days clinical reasoning and therapy course on the spine. Followed by a three days advanced clinical reasoning course (spine and extremities).

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