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Webinars on orthopaedic medicine

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  • Deutsche Version, Webinar "Mechanische LWS Beschwerden, 7 Tips & tricks zur Differentialdiagnose", Dienstag 30. März 2021, 17u30-19u00 : Melden Sie sich hier an
  • Webinar "Mechanical traction as part of the treatment of low back pain, an “oldfashioned” illusion or not?", saturday 27 february 2021, 11hr30 CET : register here
  • Webinar "7 tips&tricks to differentiate facet, disc and SI-joint pain", saturday 23 january 2021, 11hr30 CET : registration closed

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This is a special service we offer for our MasterClass GOLD subscribers. All webinars will be recorded and can be watched anytime, anywhere, whevener you feel like it. They are at your disposal in the MasterClass "Inspirationals" module.

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