Privacy policy

Privacy policy

General Data Protection Regulation - European Privacy Regulation

How do we collect your personal data such as name and email address ?

  • When you are an ETGOM course participant automatically you enter the ETGOM newsletter
  • When you send us an email with an information request regarding the ETGOM seminars or publications
  • When you participate at an ETGOM webinar
  • When you download the free ebook
  • When we meet in person (e.g. conference)
  • Or when you register on our “Tips and Tricks in orthopaedic medicine” newsletter

How do we use your personal data

Your data are exclusively used by the ETGOM Teaching Team and organisation partners to inform you about ETGOM activities and publications

Your data will not be transferred to any third party which is not related to orthopaedic medicine continuing education

Your rights

  • You have the right at all times to view, to update or to delete your personal data
  • You can unsubscribe from our newsletters, mailing list, at any time
  • You can refuse or limit the use of your personal dataYou can visit the website of OM Consult bvba/ETGOM unrestricted and furthermore consult information about our company, products and services without giving any personal data of you. Only if you want to contact us via the web form, you have to share you personal data. Each time you provide personal information, OM Consult bvba will handle them in accordance with the policy written down in here and the legal liabilities concerning the handling of personal data.

Confidential handling of personal data

The personal data collected by OM Consult bvba/ETGOM, are saved on a protected place, which is not open for the public. The file can only be consulted by a restricted number of persons who are in service of OM Consult bvba/ETGOM and only if they need this information for practice there job. The data will only be processed for internal purposes. Om Consult bvba ordinarily doesn’t give any personal data to third persons, except to comply with legal liabilities and in case of an express request from the judicial authority or police. In the exceptional case that OM Consult bvba/ETGOM gives information to organizations or companies with which they work together, it will be expressly mentioned or you will be expressly asked for your agreement.

Purpose of handling

OM Consult bvba/ETGOM handles the collected personal data to identify you and if necessary to contact you and to give you an optimal service. The data can also be used to give you information about news items, new services and new products of OM Consult bvba/ETGOM. If you don’t want to receive such information, you can mention this to OM Consult bvba/ETGOM by e-mail ( or by letter.

Permission for handling

By providing your personal data you give permission to OM Consult bvba/ETGOM to handle them for the above purposes. If OM Consult bvba/ETGOM wants to use your personal data for other purposes or if they want to pass them to organizations or companies with which they work together, then OM Consult bvba/ETGOM will ask for your express agreement, and you can resist against this.

Right to inspection, correction and removal of personal data

You have the right to have a look at the data OM Consult bvba/ETGOM registered about you and to let correct them incomplete or inaccurate data about you. Furthermore you can ask on every moment to delete your personal data of the file of OM Consult bvba/ETGOM. For that you can send an email ( or a letter to OM Consult bvba/ETGOM.