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Smartseminars – Steven De Coninck / Luciane de Lima Lourenço

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Phone +32475 730 911

The USB Gold bar

The Gold Bar is a 64 GB USB stick with class A memory chip.

The complete content (a series of mpeg files and pdf files) of the orthopaedic medicine Gold Bar is described on cyriax.eu. 

The purchased USB stick will be sent by courier service to the address the client mentioned on the order form.  The client will receive the tracking information of the package.

World wide shipping costs are included in the price.

In case the client doesn’t provide full and/or a correct address/shipping data, Smartseminars, ETGOM-GCI, nor Steven De Coninck can be held responsible for non-delivery.  Upon providing the updated correct shipping data, the package will be sent again, at extra cost due by the client.

Coaching call 

The subscriber will request this coaching call through email to info@cyriax.eu, so that this can be planned efficiently.  This coaching call can only take place by appointment  from monday-friday, in the time period from 08 am until 08 pm, Central European Time.  The coaching call takes max. 1 hour.

It is absolutely prohibited to copy, or to share with a third party not belonging to your clinic collaborators, any content of the Gold bar and/or to show its content to a public audience on conferences, courses, lectures, etc… unless you received witten conscent of Steven De Coninck, chair of ETGOM-GCI.

All information provided on cyriax.eu and orthopaedicmedicine.eu is 100% for educational purpose. 

Keep in mind that all diagnostic and treatment procedures which are illustrated on cyriax.eu, the ETGOM GCI YouTube channel and on the Gold Bar USB stick  can be performed exclusively by accredited health professionals such as medical doctors and physiotherapists, only at their own full responsability and risc  and taking into account at all times all specific indications and contraindications which are applicable for each patient the therapist is treating.  OMConsult bvba, Smartseminars, ETGOM-GCI, nor Steven De Coninck, nor Luciane de Lima Lourenço don’t take any liability whatsoever regarding malpractice on behalf of the subscriber/participant/client and its consequences.

In order to promote safe and efficient practice we advice the subscribers also to attend a “live” continuing education course in orthopaedic medicine so that they can exercise and improve their diagnostic and hands-on treatment skills among colleagues and under supervision of a member of the ETGOM-GCI teaching team.



MasterMind private training

Registrations for the MasterMind expert week, which takes place in the ETGOM Training Centre in Belgium, are only final and confirmed after receival of the full payment due, as described online on cyriax.eu.  Participants can benefit from early bird conditions under certain circumstances as described online and also receive the opportunity to pay the full registration amount in 6 parcels, as long as the final payment date is respected.

In case of annulation on behalve of ETGOM, the participant will receive a full refund of the amount already paid by the participant.

In case of annulation on behalve of the participant, an administration cost of 500 Euro will be charged. 

In case of cancellations before 3 months of the start of the course the already paid amount will be refunded minus 500 Euro cancellation cost.  For all cancellations as from 3 months before the start of the course, no refunds are provided.  In that case, the participant can choose to deposit the already paid amount for the next MasterMind course which will be planned and for which the participant will have priority.

I refer also refer to the detailed description of all the costs which are included in the registration fee of the MasterMind week, as described on cyriax.eu.

Regular modular courses

For all regular modular courses which are offered world wide by our third organisation partners, all administration, accountancy and registration procedures go directly through the third organisation party.

Any requests will be directed to mr. Steven De Coninck, chair of the Global Cyriax Institute/European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine (ETGOM)/Smartseminars through email (info@cyriax.eu)