Modular diploma courses in orthopaedic medicine

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The European Teaching Group of Orthopaedid Medicine (ETGOM) - Global Cyriax Institute (GCI) offers the most practical and inspiring orthopaedic medicine courses for health professionals.

All you need to know about the orthopaedic medicine modular diploma courses

The story behind the "Cyriax" name

Modular course structure

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What are the advantages in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine?

We avoid "artificial hypercomplication" and "wishful thinking" procedures in orthopaedic medicine, perhaps too frequently seen in our profession, instead we prefer to focus on relevant and reliable clinical reasoning procedures and qualitative research.

During our course modules we focus on following aspects :

  • where necessary, there is a specific, practical, anatomical recapitulation
  • features of the specific and general history
  • inspection, functional examination, palpation and accessory examination
  • how to interprete all test movements
  • how to reach a diagnosis / differential diagnosis
  • how to work with the standardized Cyriax Orthopaedic Assessment Form
  • how to determine a treatment strategy - clinical reasoning procedures
  • orthopaedic manual therapy (Cyriax) treatment techniques : transverse friction massage, manipulation, traction, mobilization, injection, infiltration
  • recapitulation sessions by using moc clinics, clinical recapitulation schemes, multiple choice questions, true-false questions and practical recapitulation of examination and treatment procedures

The orthopaedic medicine "3 steps plan"

For what is concerned the execution of treatment and examination techniques we always follow the "3 steps plan" :

  • first we explain the procedures through the powerpoint presentation
  • then a demonstration on film
  • followed by practical life demonstration on a colleague

Then sufficient time is provided for practical exercise. We promote regular exercise and partner change. Practice makes perfect !

What about the evidence based background of the Cyriax concept?