The ideal combination of short practical "live" courses with inspiring online learning

so that you can reach more clinical confidence and therapy success in musculoskeletal medicine!

Cyriax orthopaedic medicine courses

You would like to have a better understanding of your patient's clinical image? You would like to reach a relevant diagnosis in a structured way and set a more efficient treatment plan? It is our passion to inspire and to train you so that you can reach the next level in your professional expertise in musculoskeletal medicine. Through the Global Cyriax Institute Orthopaedic Medicine Courses you will increase both your clinical confidence and therapy success. Ultimate satisfaction for both you and your patient!

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Why do I need an orthopaedic medicine course ? I already did a Maitland, McKenzie, Mulligan program...?

The Global Cyriax Institute (GCI) offers the most practical and inspiring orthopaedic medicine courses for health professionals

We focus on relevant clinical reasoning, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and conservative treatment of soft tissue injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
Frequently used treatment options are : transverse friction massage, spinal and peripheral manipulation, mobilization, spinal traction, home exercises- self treatment strategy, injection and infiltration. We also incorporate, when indicated, the use of Radial Shock Wave Therapy or needling techniques.
We go for more success and satisfaction through the GCI Orthopaedic Medicine Courses

Learn and experience in a group with max. 4 participants ?!?

The MasterMind is THE expert individual training in modern orthopaedic medicine for health professionals, in a group with maximum 4 participants, adapted to your needs. A worldwide unique and exclusive program, only offered in the GCI International Training Centre.

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Orthopaedic Medicine Diploma Course

The diploma course in orthopaedic medicine consists of different course modules which cover all theoretical and practical details about clinical reasoning, diagnosis and treatment strategy. Those courses are designed for MD's and PT's with specific interest in musculoskeletal medicine.

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Orthopaedic Medicine courses in your clinic?

An exclusive orthopaedic medicine course for your collaborators only, in your clinic ? Indeed, one of our team members comes to you in your clinic to give your team a private training in modern orthopaedic medicine. Continuing education at its best and you don’t have to travel and leave your clinic.

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Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax diploma courses world wide

ETGOM offers modular diploma courses in modern orthopaedic medicine Cyriax in numerous countries. Consult our worldwide schedule here. Perhaps there's also a training in your country. Due to the global Covid19 impact, schedules are adapted.

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