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Cyriax orthopaedic medicine courses

You would like to have a better understanding of your patient's clinical image? You would like to reach a relevant diagnosis in a structured way and set a more efficient treatment plan? It is our passion to inspire and to train you so that you can reach the next level in your professional expertise in musculoskeletal medicine. Through the Global Cyriax Institute Orthopaedic Medicine Courses you will increase both your clinical confidence and therapy success. Ultimate satisfaction for both you and your patient!

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Only for health professionals who want to improve their diagnostic and therapeutic skills?


  • If you are merely looking for the next certificate or diploma to hang at your wall…stop reading now😊
  • If you are that therapist who is used just to look at the medical imaging, palpate the patient and afterwards is just “doing” something with the patient, but in fact, when you are honest with yourself, you are not entirely satisfied with this, you feel you are missing something?

If you know that feeling,
then we offer a perfect solution for you and we are going to spend all our energy to train you so that you become a specialist in orthopaedic medicine, resulting in better therapy results, more clinical success and professional satisfaction!

No nonsense training in orthopaedic medicine?

  • We don’t bother you with all kinds of theoretical considerations and scientific “artificial hypercomplication”
  • We focus on that what really matters for you as a motivated clinician :

What do we learn from the history of the patient, the inspection, relevant functional examination, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and therapy strategy.

Learn and experience in a group with max. 4 participants ?!?

The MasterMind is THE expert individual training in modern orthopaedic medicine for health professionals, in a group with maximum 4 participants, adapted to your needs. A worldwide unique and exclusive program, only offered in the GCI International Training Centre.

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Diagnostic or therapeutic challenges? We offer you some solutions

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