MasterMind private training in orthopaedic medicine

All you need to know about the new 5 days MasterMind in orthopaedic medicine

This MasterMind is an exclusive and unique individual training in orthopaedic medicine

for the highly motivated physiotherapist or medical doctor who really wants to reach the next level in his expertise on

diagnosis and treatment strategy of soft tissue lesions of the locomotor system. 

This orthopaedic medicine training will have a long term positive impact on your professional life!

The new version is even more compact and inspiring!

Why wouldn't you like to miss the MasterMind?

  1. You don't want to loose time!
  2. No "artificial hypercomplication"
  3. No useless knowledge
  • Maximal 4 participants are accepted!
  • You are looking for a practical course which has a long term impact on your professional live?
  • You prefer to study what really increases your success?
  • and you want it in one week ?
  • You only have to travel once to get the individual training you are looking for.
  • You combine efficient intensive learning with a wonderful leisure and touristic program in the heart of Belgium’s most beautiful area.
  • You want a personal training adapted to your needs?

Enjoy the atmosphere


All advantages in a nutshell