Certification test online masterclass in orthopaedic medicine

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MCQ test orthopaedic medicine

You watched all the films and finished the different modules on your Orthopaedic Medicine Goldbar?
I hope you got a lot of inspiration and that those lessons helped you improving your clinical reasoning, diagnostic and therapeutic skills and that you discovered some interesting insights.

Online certification in orthopaedic medicine

Now you can earn your online certificate by completing the MCQ test.

Specific feedback and certification is only provided for therapists who bought the Goldbar.

This is a series of 25 multilevel MCQ's. Keep in mind that minimum one up to all answers on each question could be correct !

A minimum score of 60% is required.

Upon completion you will receive an email with feedback on your answers and the result, including the certificate, if you passed the test.

Feedback ?

I very much look forward to your personal feedback on this online learning expierence : please share your feedback with us at the bottom of this test.

  • what was positive for you, what did you like in particular ?
  • Is there anything I could do to further improve your study experience,... ?

Good luck with the test !