Bursitis, arthritis, tendinosis, derangement, manipulation, palpation, injection...?

How to solve your diagnostic and therapeutic challenges!

I had the pleasure to teach courses in over 37 countries, which gave me a lot of pleasure and insights.  After spending more than 1.000 nights in hotel rooms and taking hundreds of flights, it is time to focus my energy and passion on other projects and travel less.  

What could I do for those who didn't have the opportunity yet to join a course with me or my team members?

Some years ago I launched the "online MasterClass in orthopaedic medicine", which was quite a success.


Many people asked me: is there any way to have life-time access to those interesting online course materials instead of having an online account which is valid for some months or a year?


Those of you who already attended some courses with me already know that I don't like "artificial hypercomplication"!

I decided to STOP the online MasterClass and to CREATE the Orthopaedic Medicine Gold Bar instead. 

The life time tool for YOUR success in musculoskeletal medicine!

To the point, practical and efficient!

Plug in the GOLD BAR now, copy, discover, learn and implement...forever... 

Why should you postpone plugging in?

The Gold Bar will be available for a limited time only! 


Total value Euro 2.973,- 

Now € 995,-

Orthopaedic Medicine Gold Bar

  • Your orthopaedic medicine toolboxes full of solutions for your clinical challenges in daily practice

  • > 17 hours of films + hand outs + BONUSES

  • FREE world wide shipping by courier service

Next week on your desk!

  • Including 1 on 1 personal live online study guidance and problem solving

The answers to your daily challenges in clinical practice...

  •      Relevant history taking
  •      Inspection: what is really relevant?
  •      Structured functional examination, easy to perform
  •      Optilmize your clinical reasoning process
  •      Make a distinction between the real problem and the findings on medical imaging
  •      Decide which treatment plan is the most suitable one

How to set an efficient treatment plan for soft tissue lesions?

  •      Physiotherapy: active and/or passive strategies / prevention
  •      Specific interventions by the MD
  •       What are my expectations
  •      Transverse friction massage / needling / shock wave /...
  •       Manipulation techniques: how and when to use
  •       Injection and infiltration techniques
  •      Explain
  •      Motivate / guide 
  •      Implement

Here's a short "Gold Bar" impression

In total the Gold Bar contains 68 films on diagnosis and therapy

+ BONUS 1: 5 extensive course hand outs + 9 assessment forms (value Euro 497,-)

  • More than 500 pages of important and practical information on clinical reasoning, diagnosis and therapy strategies.  Well illustrated, designed for easy use in daily practice, without "artificial hypercomplication"!

+ BONUS 2: Clinical reasoning in orthopaedic medicine, book (value Euro 79,-)

  • A 156 pages guido on how to use and to interpret the standardized assessment forms.  It helps you to keep the overview while examining and treating the patient.  And...you won't forget anything :)

+ BONUS 3: How to make back pain prevention easy, webinar recording (value Euro 99,-)

  • Avoid the mistake of overloading your patient with information.  How can you inspire and motivate your patient to implement preventive strategies in a simple way?

+ BONUS 4: Inspirational powerpoint podcasts (value Euro 198,-)

  • Keeping up with evolutions...what you need to know about actual views on tendinosis, chronic pain, dermatomes,...

That's not everything yet.

There's more... :-)

Are you already impressed by all you will receive on the Gold Bar?  Make sure you order it now, so that next week you can already plug in!

+ BONUS 5: Personal live consulting (value Euro 250,-)

  • Studying and implementing all of this is quite a challenge.  Thanks to the Gold Bar toolboxes I make things easier for you and on top of that we set a 1hr live online meeting, in which I guide you with your questions and challenges!

Another reason why your Gold Bar investment is a good idea 

Also share this valueble knowledge with colleagues in your clinic?

Improve your patient satisfaction and therapy efficiency by giving your team members access to the Gold Bar toolboxes...

Total value: Orthopaedic Medicine Toolboxes (Euro 1.850,-) + 5 Bonuses (Euro 1.123,-) = 

Euro 2.973,-  

NOW for only Euro 995,- (including world wide courier shipping)

In a nutshell, what may you expect from the  orthopaedic medicine toolboxes?  

Click here for a detailed overview of the content.

No boring piling up of scientific info and statistics, but only practical clinical knowledge which you need in your daily clinical practice.

About > 17 hours of practical film instruction (most films takes about 5'-35', designed for efficient learning), covering:

  • Specific history of the patient
  • Inspection
  • Functional examination
  • Palpation
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Treatment strategy
  • Analysis assesment form

Following treatment techiques are extensively described

  • Peripheral and spinal manipulation
  • Palpation / Deep transverse friction massage techniques
  • Injection and infiltration techniques
Yes, if you join the MasterMind private training in orthopaedic medicine, you will receive a 100% refund of the amount you paid for the Gold Bar!