What on MasterMind orthopaedic medicine program?

What's on the program during the orthopaedic medicine MasterMind

5 days of intensive training

  • Study what brings you immediate success and satisfaction in daily practice without losing time. 
  • All you need to know about history, inspection, functional examination, palpation, diagnosis and treatment strategy in musculoskeletal medicine.
  • You receive an intense, compact, efficient and very practical training program in modern orthopaedic medicine (Cyriax), covering all theoretical and practical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions of the locomotor system, spine and extremities, applicable for MD's and PT's, based upon actual knowledge and scientific status.
  • The process of clinical reasoning is analysed in detail. You will discover where and how to fit this knowledge into your actual daily practice.

The personal touch in this program, taking into account your individual level of expertise, is a key-factor, as well as the intense exchange of experience and information with your peers.

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