Tendon needling and fenestration techniques


  1. Ultrasound-Guided Tendon Fenestration
  2. Sonographically Guided Percutaneous Needle Tenotomy for Treatment of Common Extensor Tendinosis in the Elbow
  3. Management of Achilles tendinopathy by ultrasound-guided percutaneous tenotomy
  4. Ultrasound-guided percutaneous longitudinal tenotomy for the management of patellar tendinopathy
  5. Sonographically guided patellar tendon fenestration: prognostic value of preprocedure sonographic findings
  6. Should ultrasound-guided needle fenestration be considered as a treatment option for recalcitrant patellar tendinopathy? A retrospective study of 47 cases
  7. Ultrasound-guided tendon fenestration versus open-release surgery for the treatment of chronic lateral epicondylosis of the elbow: protocol for a prospective, randomised, single blinded study
  8. Ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle tenotomy using Tenex system for refractory lateral epicondylitis; short and long-term effectiveness and contributing factors
  9. Sonographically guided percutaneous needle tenotomy for treatment of common extensor tendinosis in the elbow: is a corticosteroid necessary?
  10. Comparison of the efficacy of corticosteroid, dry needling, and PRP application in lateral epicondylitis
  11. The Effectiveness of Minimally Invasive Techniques in the Treatment of Patellar Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
  12. Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: Percutaneous Tendon Fenestration Versus Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection for Treatment of Gluteal Tendinosis
  13. Ultrasound-Guided Fenestration of the Carpal Ligament Using a Double-Needle Approach
  14. IMpact of Platelet Rich plasma OVer alternative therapies in patients with lateral Epicondylitis (IMPROVE): protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled study: a multicenter, randomized trial comparing autologous platelet-rich plasma, autologous whole blood, dry needle tendon fenestration, and physical therapy exercises alone on pain and quality of life in patients with lateral epicondylitis
  15. Ultrasound-guided needle release of the transverse carpal ligament with and without corticosteroid injection for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  16. Percutaneous Tendon Needling without Ultrasonography for Lateral Epicondylitis
  17. Percutaneous Needle Tenotomy for the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis: A Systematic Review of the Literature
  18. Ultrasound-guided tenotomy improves physical function and decreases pain for tendinopathies of the elbow: a retrospective review
  19. Ultrasound-Guided Fenestration of Tendons About the Hip and Pelvis: Clinical Outcomes
  20. Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Tenotomy for Gluteal Tendinopathy
  21. Dry Needling as a Treatment Modality for Tendinopathy: a Narrative Review
  22. Tendon needling for treatment of tendinopathy: A systematic review
  23. Dry needling as a method of tendinopathy treatment
  24. Sonographically guided percutaneous needle tenotomy for the treatment of chronic tendinosis
  25. Ultrasound-Guided Dry Needling of the Healthy Rat Supraspinatus Tendon Elicits Early Healing Without Causing Permanent Damage
  26. Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection With Percutaneous Needling for Recalcitrant Lateral Epicondylitis: Comparison of Tenotomy and Fenestration Techniques
  27. Ultrasound-guided dry needling with percutaneous paratenon decompression for chronic Achilles tendinopathy
  28. Molecular and structural effects of percutaneous interventions in chronic achilles tendinopathy
  29. Dry Needling of a Healthy Rat Achilles Tendon Increases Its Gene Expressions: A Pilot Study
  30. Treatment of individuals with chronic bicipital tendinopathy using dry needling, eccentric-concentric exercise and stretching; a case series
  31. Dry needling in lateral epicondylitis: a prospective controlled study
  32. The use of dry needling versus corticosteroid injection to treat lateral epicondylitis: a prospective, randomized, controlled study
  33. Utility of Percutaneous Ultrasonic Tenotomy for Tendinopathies: A Systematic Review
  34. Percutaneous Ultrasonic Tenotomy Reduces Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy Pain With High Patient Satisfaction and a Low Complication Rate
  35. Percutaneous ultrasonic tenotomy for chronic elbow tendinosis: a prospective study
  36. Ultrasonic Percutaneous Tenotomy for Recalcitrant Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy: Clinical and Sonographic Results at 90 Months
  37. The Effectiveness of High-Energy Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Versus Ultrasound-Guided Needling Versus Arthroscopic Surgery in the Management of Chronic Calcific Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review
  38. Comparing Ultrasound-Guided Needling Combined With a Subacromial Corticosteroid Injection Versus High-Energy Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for Calcific Tendinitis of the Rotator Cuff: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  39. Which method is more effective in treatment of calcific tendinitis in the shoulder? Prospective randomized comparison between ultrasound-guided needling and extracorporeal shock wave therapy
  40. The outcome of ultrasound-guided needle decompression and steroid injection in calcific tendinitis
  41. Calcific tendinitis of the rotator cuff: a randomized controlled trial of ultrasound-guided needling and lavage versus subacromial corticosteroids
  42. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, ultrasound-guided percutaneous lavage, corticosteroid injection and combined treatment for the treatment of rotator cuff calcific tendinopathy: a network meta-analysis of RCTs
  43. Ultrasound imaging-guided percutaneous treatment of rotator cuff calcific tendinitis: success in short-term outcome
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