Shockwave on the supraspinatus muscle
radial shockwave on the supraspinatus

How to do shockwave on the supraspinatus muscle?

How to perform RSWT on the supraspinatus insertion?

I very often see that, when shock wave therapy is applied to the shoulder, that people really "shoot" all over the place.  They seem to hit the entire shoulder.

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Would'nt it be more efficient to establish a more relevant diagnosis first, and then give a more specific treatment?  

(Of course, exercise therapy in which we load the tendons, is a important element in the treatment of tendinosis).

So, we can increase the efficiency of the RSWT by optimizing our diagnostic strategy.

And...just shooting on a calcification, without really knowing if this calcification is also symptomatic, is perhaps not the best strategy.

Make sure, at all times, that you interpret your clinical image in a correct way.